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The Eleven Steps of Magic

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The Eleven Steps of Magic

˜ The Method of Magic ˜

José Luis Parise

Translated by Javier Derderyan

From the beginning of human history, Humanity has transmitted a legacy that Teaches us that it’s possible to use Subtle Forces that help Man in his Life. That same legacy has, unequivocally, indicated that a profund Transformation is produced in Who takes the Path that leads to those Forces. In fact, Who undertakes those Steps has gotten the mitic names of Hero, Chaman, Sorcerer…and Wizard.

What makes up the mysterious forces that the Wizard (Hero, Shaman, Sorcerer …) calls? Why sometimes these Subtle forces present themselves as the most powerful ally, but in other times as the most bitter enemy? Is it possible to work with these Subtle and Invisible Phenomena with the same certainty with which modern man has learned to work with Visible and Manifest Phenomena?

These were the questions that almost three decades ago Started Our Journey. A trip that would encompass more than One Hundred Travels, that took us to the called ‘Initiatic Cultures’ of the Planet … to find with people we weren’t even sure that existed:  Who, from literally always, are identified as those who know The Magic … and  who currently receive the generic name of The Wisdom Guardians.

Something in common threads with golden wire all those things that in different cultures are presented as Magic. As if an identical Original Teaching was distributed to Humanity  as a Basal Paradign, in what we see today as different cultures and religions … all of them learned to follow the same map.
A Map … that leads to the Highest, Most Holy, Mightiest of the Human Being.
A Map … Transcending the Human Being, Unifying him with his Divine Forces.
A Map … of Eleven Steps.

Step I

The Caos of the Idea

Explanation: Where does an idea comes from?

Although what will be obtained in the Path trough The Eleven Steps is infinitely superior to any Result  previusly longed, we use the method of Magic for, in principle,  achieve something defined. And any attempt, decision, company or accomplishment you want to achive starts from an idea.

Three elements coalesce into what we commonly call an Idea: a Thing, an Image (or Form) and a Definition. The trend, as natural as automatic… and deceitful, is to believe that the thing we want to accomplish is clear behind the image or shape, and that the Definition doesn’t change much what we will get, whatever words we use to define It.

If you take the path which route imposes the requirement of having to learn to order according to a method all that presents itself in your mind… you’ll have the Divine opportunity to be Walking the Path that, in all Bible Myths and ancient Teachings, walks ‘that’ what we call God: A Path that provides Order there where he first had to detect and recognize that there was Chaos.


It’s only a matter of ordering the Chaos of the Universe to allow the Cosmos Magic to Start. But as with all Order … a Method is required to achieve it.

Now consider anything that we want to achieve in our lives …
If we have thought of a bride, or a family, or a good job, or good health … is quite easy Imagining a pretty girl, a scene of parents and children around the fire, a beautiful office in a firm with us inside, or see us running around the park.

But all that … is nothing more than the image, the Form of the Thing. If we move towards the concretion of that thing in the world, we will be forced to go beyond the image. And for That we’ll have to make use of language, by any possible way.

Without defining what we want, that will never go beyond a simple Idea limited only to exist in our thoughts. And as we want to go beyond the idea … we’ll discover that a real gap opens when we try to break through the image and Define it putting it in words that allow this idea to take shape as a living thing that has its place in the world.

What is it that defines the Thing itself?: What defines that this girl is my girlfriend? What constitutes a family? When a job is a good one? We will inevitably see then that what we supposed to be more anecdotical and less important… will become imperious: The Word, because we need to define the Thing behind the Image … This is how the Universe works, in any order.

Everything Starts with the Word, even if it needs to be said through gestures or through any language… If we look beyond it we see that God isn’t exempt from this method to achieve what he wants to achieve: Having he any power at its disposal, to set the Universe going into The Thing he Desired… he had to Name what he wanted to Create: “Let there be light”, “Let there be day”, and ‘Let there be’ any idea Which he wanted to ‘find’ in the Universe. [1]

Step II

The Order of the Word

Explanation: What happens when we speak?

All Teachings of Magic from the East, Middle East and Indigenous …, all, teach a respect towards the Word only comparable with respect to the Divine. The Idea of the thing is a shadow, whose Light is in the language, in the Word. Thoughts are projection of the Word.

That is, concretetely and surprisingly: we don’t know the thoughts that inhabit us until we say them. Which means … that if we say something other than what our Idea supposed to say, ‘that’ that is said is what was actually in our mind trying to be realized in the world.

The consequences will take long to manifest themself, because discovering that the Word is in a direction different than the Idea is to discover that our forces are dramatically  divided: while a part of us trying to create something, our mind is trying to create something else, which may well be different or in direct opposition to that Thing that we want to create. We started talking … and under a completely hidden order (which in principle seems pure Chaos) equivocals happen, forgetfulness that have nothing to do with the image to which we would like to refer.

Buddha is depicted with huge ears. Inka, the appointed Chief , means ‘The one with Big Ears’. Lao Tse was known as ‘Big Ears’. Why …? Because to Listen is What – in all Teachings of the Origin of Humanity – is established as a threshold to Hidden Knowledge. To Listen to ‘What’ is actually said in we what we order, without getting caught up in the idea of what ‘we mean’. Some examples:

I’m going to look for a job.
What instruction am I giving to the universe?: that he ‘Orders’ all of my days no to actually Find a Job… but to simply pass it looking for it.

I want to find a good husband.
The only way that my order can be fulfilled… is bringing me men that are already married, ie they are ‘husbands’, and worse (according to the instructions that I order) that are ‘good husbands’, therefore they never would attend another woman than his wife . That means: I’m Ordering the Universe to bring me men … that would never attend me.

“I want my father to stop yelling at me.
I order the Universe for my father to, every day, yell at me… That’s the only way he can ‘stop yelling’ at me, while I don’t order that he ‘doesn’t yell at me’, but to ‘stop’. For that, he first needs to do it.
“I want to Lose weight.”
An Instruction that Orders my body and my entire universe to be continuously gaining weight … logical requirement, inevitable and obligatory,  to ‘lose weight’, which has nothing to do with “I want to be skinny.”

Just as “I want get well” has nothing to do with Wanting to ‘be healthy’, and ensures organizing an universe where to live getting sick … because it is the only way to ‘get well’.

Step III

The Danger of the Form

Explanation: How do I do it?

As soon as one realizes that the universe has always fulfilled, one by one, all of our orders, and that what was missing was simply someone that noticed it…, all our personal history will be crossed with doubts that, in a very vertiginous way,  will give birth to the first question, the basis of all other questions: Who has been directing my life, if I’m not the one doing it? Which is a way of asking: Who am I?

And in parallel, at the other end of the same axis: when discovering that we have always gotten what we Invoked[2] , we begin to discover that, always, a real, efficacious, surprising and very powerful Wizard has worked inside of us. A Wizard who always gets what is ordered to him… without the slightest need for us to know the form/how to get it.


The first thing anyone t utomatically asks himself when he wants do something that defies him is… “How do I do it?”, Which … has fallen into the trap: To start from the form!

Did we needed to tell the universe the form, the How to conduct what we had ordered when what we ordered was deflected? No way, we simply gave the Instruction on What do … and the Universe found the How, the Way to go. Then, whenever you want to start with the “How”, or you stop because you can’t ‘find how’ to do it… you are going against the Method of the Universe.

And if it is not the How, what is it about? Again, it’s just enough to Listen the question to uncover the answer. ‘What is it about’, or, saying it in another way: it is about the “What”. When thanks to Listen ‘What’ I’m InBocating I’m sure that the order I’m giving to the Universe Orders the chaos … then comes the time to simply  put ourself into action: we must now Head towards That …Without having to know How to do it!

The only How that the Wizard is interested in is not outside, but inside: How does he feels about the thing he’s InBocating. To Mobilize The Universe to bring me what I order I need the Order not to be divided from the idea and that my affections are not divided from what I order. That’s what brings me to Step 3. It frees me from having to find The Way to go … and puts all the lens in The Way I feel.

If my affections are Divided (insecurity, guilt, shame or any other Emotion that is not Aligned with my Desire) My universe will divide his Movement. The universe only requires that you order the What … and that you continuislly and innegociabilly polarize towards that, feeling that it’s Realization is unfailing. And So …it’ll happen.

How? Simply because of that factor that all Initiations, Cultures and Teachings of the history of mankind have had and have to deal with: by ‘Chance’. As soon as the How, the Form appears…,That will be seen as created just by Luck. The Factor ‘Luck’ … Hidden in the ‘Ring’[3] with which the Initiates used to identify themselves because the Initiated is who Orders Luck.

Step IV

The Oracle of the Thing

Explanation: Am I going towards the Thing?

If we haven’t justified us to stop in the dark, not knowing “How” to move forward … We are now at the door of the Dawn, and the thing we want begins to become visible.

To be aware that the Thing will present iself for pure Coincidence … is literally to be attentive to the world and to every single thing that the world places before us. Clearly and sparklingly, everyday single day becomes then the more vibrant adventure when we get to this step where we know that everything that happens throughout the day (and even and especially at night, during our Dreams) can be connecting us with the Thing to which we direct ourself.


Having gotten to this step, day by day we learn to recognize more easily and quickly than seeds of the Thing that we InBoke appear to us … and therefore, in the same act and at the same time, we learn to recognize if the Thing we InBoke is the thing we want … or, on the contrary, we have cheated  ourselves about Directing us to That while where we are actually going is to another thing.

Whether the thing has given detoured Signals (eg., you choose the wrong ad for a job) as if the thing that gives Signals appeared harmonic with what I want but it moves away when I want to concretize it, then … more Magic is necessary. We must listen… because the same InBocation that Brings the Thing, is what also brings the detention. Listenign I’ll find that, perhaps, the order I am giving  to the Universe… has the mistake of not placing the realization date of the Thing I want. “Finding a job” orders only that. And the Universe will be perfect meeting and ‘orderly’ my word, bringing that job now …Or in ten years!

The Signs of the Thing that begin to ‘materialize’ as true Lighthouses guide us on our tour, and we reveal that we are undertaking the trip not only to a Result … but to a New Life in a New Universe. The same thing is pointing, externally, to the internal … which is from where we originated these steps.

But just as the external worl shows us key Signals that are conditioning the particular result that we now want to achieve, the Hidden keys that the same Thing shows in the inner world… determine not only that result, but our entire life. Who hypothetically starts this case of not concreting a job that he learnt to “get”, will discover that throughout his life, in all ‘orders’, ‘that’ is what was installed: he has increasingly difficulty with every step he tries to concrete Things, until finally he got used to don’t concrete things he starts.

This step is Teaching us then one of tricks we’ll learnt the most to take as Alies in the Path of Magic: Read the external  as reflecting to the internal. Symmetry revolutionizes our whole life … to dissolve the illusory division between the internal and the external.

To Read an external Thing as an internal signal is the same function and dimension that an Oracle has: The Cards, yarrow stalks or stones… are signs that reveal aspects of myself that were hidden, and are deciding my future and conditional my destiny.

BIPHASIC  ONSET… and The Sphinx

We’ve Arrived at the central and decisive moment in The Path of The Magic. On how much you have complied with the first four steps depend the quality, precision and power of Magic to be detonated. But for every action there is a reaction. So the higher the momentum achieved, inevitably ‘something’ greater  will be presented trying to restore balance. That ‘something’ … is the Mythological and Millennial Sphinx. In the same way as mythologically, this character is made up of a collage of all the feared figures of each culture in which she appeared, The Sphinx appears in the Path of the Wizard as a compendium of everything that he has feared, where he has actually fall into traps, where he has becomed more fearful, insecure and weakened.

All the diversity of Sphinxes feared in myths are condensed into the same three costumes. To know them is to know… The Logic Of The Sphinx:

When the Biphasic Onset is done, Something decisive for the Life of who wants to become a Wizard is learnt: if changing the position from where I faced the path allowed me to leave behind something that looked like it could stop me… then never, ever, the obstacle that would have the power to stop me or detour me comes from outside. If I stop at ‘it’ it’s because from the ‘inside’ I’m Ordering my universe for that obstacle to be present as insoluble. To be Aware of this reality is to become aware of one of the three costumes that the Sphinx  uses: if I know that nothing can stop me from outside … every time I allow myself to guide combat towards the outside I would be falling in the grip of a detour.

Of course, if the Sphinx can’t stop the Wizard as he doesn’t fall into the trap of believing that the obstacle is outsite, but the Wizard still does not see signs of the Thing that approaches him to the Result … it is logical then that the Sphinx  will try to persuade him saying that if you have not achieved what you desired, that is because it is not the time to do this, and thus … only waiting remains. If the combat towards the outside is trying to stop you via and aggressive and active, the trap of waiting tries the same but via passively: if I have to wait for the Thing to come… That’s because the thing is outside.

And when the Wizard accesses a deeper reality where he learned that neither the obstacle is outside, and the arrival of what you want to achieve is not outside, but still have not reached That … The Sphinx can still draw one more resource: persuade him then, if whatever he does  hecould not even get what he wants, that’s not for him and he’s justified then to leave That.

Whether it’s Christ in the Desert, Buddha under the Tree of Wisdom, or each Initiate culture and each legend in the history of mankind, all show that they have had to fight against the Sphinx, in its three forms. But, also, all show that after not stopping before its three costumes they got out of each Combat  so strengthened… that nothing more could be separated from the most intimate conviction that the Power of the Universe is in everyone that never accepts to put the power outside.

Step V

The Magic of the Combat

Explanation: Should I move Forward?

Everything that we have learned, thanks to the Sphinx , allows us to be aware and clearly see what to do if the Thing gives non-harmonic signals and if no signs of  The Thing appears. In both cases, we know that if we are  not closer to what we want it’s because, simply, easily and specifically we’re going to another place, and the universe polarized into what we InBoked with our word, not to where we have the idea that we directing that Universe. And if we get here, we also know that Listening is what allows us to uncover the deviations and redirect our steps.

But we also know something much more valuable still, everything that we uncover in our detour is to Continue Moving toward our Result. There is no other possible choice for those heading to the Magic. And that internal Combat is the only decision possible for the Wizard … which should be carried also when the first signs  of the Thing appear and the Thing shows perfectly in harmony with what I want.


If I intended to get a job and I found it is still  not the one I want, but it gives me peace to be employed and have a steady income to make ends meet …. I’m in a situation that is a serious commitment to my Ethics.

Indeed, to reach this situation where I have to take this very serious decision I had already (very possibly inadvertently) to make two decisions.

The first is when I read that there wheren’t any Signals there of the The Thing I want, I decided to move forward.

The second is when I decided if such a signal is harmonic or not with what I want, which requires a nonnegotiable  Ethics of no self deception.

But the third one is the one what will requirea higher level of exigence by me, the consequences of which will not affect solely and specifically the results that I might achieve or not… but leave me in a position to myself of which absolutely everything will depend  in my life.

All sphinxes are embodied in our environment when we have this step: very ‘logical’ arguments, common sense, fears, threats, anger. As this is a moment that it is played All in Our Lives … it will all be for the Sphinx.

What truly and deeply is being played  in this Step… is whether our desire to get to the destination we want has such a magnitude as not to conform ourselves with the islets (Signs of the Thing) presented to us in the Tour to That … and they seem paradise compared with the prospect of continuing sailing to open ocean.

Finally, if the destination to which I address myself is to appoint me in Wizard… what is being tested here is whether I’m as Reliable as to get the Universe to detonate True Magic for me. We must learn not to negotiate the nonnegotiable. Exactly That’s what this Step teaches. And the non-negotiable is that My answer, no matter what happens and no matter what doesn’t happen… is to Follow Advancing toward what I want.

Step VI

The Magic of Energy

Explanation: What Happens with My Energy?

The Psychic Directs The Energy, and the Energy directs the Physical. That is the order of Inter-determination of the three planes, so it teaches Paradigm of Magic: from the most Suble to the most Dense.

That’s why it’s infinitely more Effective to work from the Subtle, as that is what moves all the Dense. Energy moves the Physical, but that energy is directed from a more Subtle yet, that decides… and Orders: ‘That’ is The Psychic. And within that Subtle  field  of the Psychic, the Subtlest of the Subtle world… is the Word. That’s the subtlest place from where you can move the Universe. Which includes … to learn to move our energy. For That, in this step, the Wizard learns the secrets of the Planet ‘s Most Powerful Energy  Techniques. Those that the the Guardians of Wisdom applied on their environment and on their self to precisely achieve, retain, grow and maintain That Wisdom through the millennia.


Obviously to attempt to develop Secret Techniques that only Masters teach with Deeper Care and with more rigorous selection criteria transcends completely the possibilities of a medium such as this. Therefore it is necessary to clarify and remember very explicitly two issues: first that, anyway, Energy is a secondary stage, which only serves to Amplify and accelerate what is Ordered from The Psychic. And immediately: Energy streamlines what we have started from The Psychic. And for the Dynamizing of Energy (not handling) we can talk here.

To view the factor with which to dynamize the Energy that will Dinamyze our Universe it’s only necessary to see with eyes Wizard the Everyday Life. Someone is powerless, utterly depressed because he can’t find what he wants in life. Suddenly, the miracle happens: the phone rings and he will be notified of a job that has been granted to him(for example). He Jumps out of bed, runs around the house, quickly cleans up and calls everyone to tell. The Energy Explosion is obvious. But … what changed in the dense, in the Physical? Nothing, absolutely nothing, he hasn’t even collected his first paycheck. Yet … immediately his Energy has become radiant. Why? Simple and specifically: because something changed in His Psyche. What led to The Energy, which in turn led to The Physical.

Exactly That same explosion of energy is what happens with who is arriving to this step in the Path of Magic. Well along with what each Step has revealed, he has become aware of something else: we’re finding ourselves in contact with an Universal Lattice that connects everything and connects us all. A state of Alert expands our consciousness, making us deal with issues of everyday life that used to be hidden to us and, therefore, the universe begins to unveil for us. And That … activates our Energy and Shine fills us whenever we remember it.

Step VII

The Magic of Coincidence

Explanation: Do I have enough Magic?

A materialization of unparalleled growth starts to be experienced through more and more Coincidences. At this step, Magic produced by Chance brings ‘Something’ (and not only signals and routes) that will drive us far more powerfully to the result we want.

And together with Coincidences, if the magic that the Wizard is able to detonate is not enough even to, in steps that still need to be done, achieve the result that  he Orders … the Universe will also send him(of course, through His Allied, the Coincidence) the system that becomes necessary for That. A System is an enhancement that will appear if it is necessary, by the level of Result required, to increase the Power and Efficacy of the Magic. Such a system can be in this step, or in Step IX, because sometimes in the last stage prior to arrival is when the maximum reinforcement  is required.


I Ching, Kybalion, Pyramids, Feng Shui, Kabbalah, Astrology, Numerology, Dance, Incense, Wu Wei, Tantra, Martial Arts, Yoga … and a long list of etceteras. All  those systems of magic, each has displayed all His power in some area. Systems at the same time can be a great help when you are already in a position to use them … and make a mess if you try to access the Hidden Forces of the Universe from them: because without a method, all these possibilities quickly become a misguidance that will have us for years bouncing between them as ‘new age ‘ snobs.

In the same way it would be ridiculous to believe that a CD with accurate data about astrological constellations can work and perhaps serve for anything without the Computer … equally ridiculous is trying to use Magic Systems without it’s Method. Without a ‘Computer’ to guide among all ‘it’, what you get is a progressive loss that (as maximum and in the ‘best’ cases) produces specialists in studying the branches of a tree … which never even learn that the tree exists.

Each of the systems that uses Magic where not born to be an end in themselves… but to make Magic. For That, if  you don’t get caught by the siren songs and continue heading toward your Result, the Wizard will grow and develop through them ‘systematic’ and ‘methodically’ increasingly larger and more powerful magic resources.

Thus, the more the Wizard Walks and higher is what he intends to achieve, more of the Universe is uncovered and more Magic is available …, reaching levels where the system that is needed can even not be ‘ learned ‘, but will only require to be detonated and developed: we are referring to the Potentials which had remained hidden. Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Astral Travel, Expanded States of Consciousness, Lucid Dreaming and any other system that my Psychic Potentials fend required to achieve what I order my universe will become present, detonating with spontaneity.


The Magic of Negotiation

Explanation: What should I do with what others want?

It makes no sense to go to the ends of the Universe to InBoke what I need for my Result while ignoring what in everyday life can take me to That. It’s in everyday life where I shall create paths, seize, defend and expand what I got through the Universal fabric. A True Challenge … because is in everyday life where  usually Brightness is dramatically resigned.

Before venturing into the application of the Method of the Wizard to Negotiations … Something literally  crucial has to be taken into account: A Quadruple  Ethics Premise never to be ignored in Negotiations, for this will inevitably slow down any possibility of magic.

Firstly, it is crucial to remember that it is never the point to change another person. That respect for the other person is not more than the outward reflection of a much deeper respect yet: The Respect for Myself and what I want to accomplish.

The Second Ethic Premise: whatever happens, even if  I ‘win’ or ‘lose’ the negotiation, I have to keep moving forward to the Result I want … That is nonnegotiable.

The Third Ethics Premise is that my Result never depends of who I have in front of me during the negotiation. As powerful as I think he is, however conditioning I think he’s for what I want to accomplish … Magic can more.

The Fourth Ethic Premise is that lying is a bad method. To be willing to lie is the demonstration that ‘pleasing’ the Other became more important than what I have to offer … and myself. And, in such conditions, both my product and myself become disposable.


When two people ‘interact’ in a negotiation, around one thing there is chaos of ideas developing, for which both parties are only able to have an image…, and therefore will lead the negotiation anyone  that Listens to this Idea that is hiding behind that image, and reveals what is actually the Thing to be achieved.

An example. Someone goes to an interview responding to a demand for staff to take care of children from a home. Listening, he detects that the mother of the children in care feels devalued and that the idea hidden behind the Thing she imagines she’s looking for … is that she expects some recognition from her husband. Unveild ‘that’ … I have already located Where to direct my words. Saying things such as “home owners, in places where I worked, are always very happy with me” will be immediately disqualified. But who, with phrases (without lying) point to invest the services offered by such factors as “the spouses of people who always hire me congratulate the choice they have made” …, have all the Universe selection polariced on their side.

If what I say to offer my product is only limited to the ideas that come to my mind, I’ll get a universe of chaos. However, if I stand on Hearing the Words to make my offer, and with what I heard I invest my Differential Factor (what  I offer that is different), ‘I order’ a harmonious universe.

If this step is somewhat Key … is because, after negotiation, The inner and interpersonal definitely increased their convergence and have Polarized towards what we want. That is to be on the threshold of achieving the Fulfillment of the Great Realization.

Step IX

The Magic of Concreting

Explanation: Am I in Conditions to Reach what I wish so much?

We have before us the final stretch of road that leads to our Result. So … it is time for a final exam. Just like when we are very close to passing of the year in the school system, we test what we learned in everything we travel. Only then can we Be at the height of The Great Realization.


Everything that we traveled has Teached Us Secrets of the Universe that were absolutely Hidden to us. And if we have managed to get this far is because many obstacles have been drawn. If we have learned to ‘circumvent’ many obstacles that before would have stopped or diverted us… we won’t have drawbacks having to face them again, each and every one of them. And to don’t stop or divert … but just keep Moving is our confirmation that when ‘it’ is presented it no longer has power over us. Therefore, in this step, all Sphinxes will go on our way again. One by one, the obstacles we have had to face and overcome will be presented again … but now the big difference is that the challenge is to not serve them.

If we have the idea to be sure that we have already won, but when they appear again … we have to present combat, then we are not so sure, and therefore is not so clear that we have overcome them. We must, then, bounce again and again against ‘it’ … until we free ourselves from the need to face them. But when presented with the same obstacle that just  steps back dominated, diverted or stopped us, now we just keep walking … then yes, we have won over it, because we have freed ourselves from that.

Near the top is where the most distractions, desertions, mishaps and accidents occur. Why? For the same reason it is the most dangerous risk of this step: what we had already met and overcome to move towards our ‘Promised Land’ will not necessarily appear with  the image we know of it, nor associated directly regarding the Form of That which we want to achieve … but may be in any other form and, especially, in any other area of ​​our lives, not where we expected. And most likely where least expected,… and where less we would like it to be. What is examined is whether we really filtered in our lives that hurdle, not only if we can just don’t stop at ‘that’ depending on the area it’s presented.

Step X

The Magic of Magic

Explanation: What Have I Done to Get Here?

The Journey comes to Destiny. Forces Aided me. Now the Universe knows it can Count on Me. Ethically and nonnegotiably I do what I say, and nothing succeeds to deviat me from there. Then Universal Forces can consider what I say I will do… and assist me to do so. The Journey comes to It’s Destiny … but not to an End: Getting to the Promised Land is not synonymous with having Conquered it.

When the Journey finally reached destination … Step X has just Initiated. To Disembark in the port that seemed impossible to reach … but to be defeated or rejected after giving a few steps into the New Earth transformed in vain to have gotten there.


There are lots of exponents that, in the height of their great achievement, suddenly become ill, have an accident, fall tragically in addictions or just suddenly make a mistake in their decisions, which results in the loss of all the achievements. What went wrong? Well, we have come to Destiny thank’s to what we achieved to filter. What about what we haven’t filtered? All ‘it’ that was left as impure sediment, now logically tends to settle in the new place that was reached.

He Who came to the New Place should become the custodian that closes the passage preventing progress to ‘it’ that, if gains entry, will install the worst of the previous cycle and transform in useless the Journey we made. What to do? To That, Step X brings His trick, which will be key: Never suppose the arrival at destination as the final chapter that concludes the work … but as the first chapter of the Next  Work.

The I Ching has a proposal for this situation: “Meditate to anticipate Misfortune.” Meditate, but on what? That’s Exactly What The Method Of Magic Teaches in this Step. We will have to listen to us Answering Three Questions To guard what we allow and do not allow to enter the New Earth to which we have arrived.

First Question: Where From have we Accomplished it? What have we achieved to effectively filter of ‘that’ which, thanks to the Travel we made, we discovered that we had to filter? To Attend to that and make sure ‘it ‘ stays filtered  outside is what will allow New Earth that we reached, regardless of the time elapsed, to remain ‘New’.

Second Question: Where form have we not Achieved it? What have we saw on the trip tha we shoud have filtered but we haven’t done  it yet? In the moments where everything was in serious risk were we ourselves who Solved it?, or perhaps depended of Chance and/or a traveling companion who solved it over and over again for us? All ‘it’ already detected that we should have filtered, but we have’t done it yet,  should be immediately expelled from the New Earth. And For That … We will have to do ‘tours’, which may take place in the same New Territory: it’s nonnegotiable  to impose us Challenges where it’s sole aim is to ensure us we can solve ‘it’ that we left Unsolved.

Third Question … and perhaps the most exciting: What changed in my Reality to Achieve This New Reality? There is all that that, from the previous land and throughout the trip, seemed normal, positive and defensible in ourselves…-all ‘that’ we neither suspected that  we should filter in us, until this New Earth starts to show it.

And since now The Celebration is everyday … we are, almost without noticing, before the Final and Fundamental Teaching of this step, which must be taken into account very seriously, and to not considered it will immediately threaten our Achievement and our stay in the Method From Where we achieve it: It is essential, it is nonnegotiable, urgent and vital … to Learn to Celebrate our Achievement! All Initiatory Cultures demonstrated that with vivid clarity. The dates for rituals dedicated to Celebration, Enjoy and Thanks are so important and unavoidable as they had previously been involved in the Gifts, Requests, Jobs and Invocations. Celebrate to Recover forces and Invocate New Forces to undertake that that The Wizard learned by himself, is the most magnificent thing he can do in with His Life: His Next  Initiation Travel… by The Map Of Magic.

[1] Word game. In Spanish “Let there be light”  is “Haya Luz”; and “Haya” is also a synonymous of “Find”.

[2] In the original in Spanish, ‘InBocado’, forcing the B in “Invocado” (Invoked), to play with the word “Boca” (Mouth) been in the center of what we Invoke. It means: “InMouth”. We’ll refer at is as “InBoked”/”InBokating” from now on.

[3] Luck is “Suerte” in Spanish; “Ring” is also called “Sortija”. Word play between Suerte an Sortija, that have a similar origin.